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[ID: Artwork of Luigi from Super Mario. A green hatted overall wearing mustached plumber. He's smiling and has his hand raised. End ID.]

Quick Luigi drawing.

arthog -

Going to be doing small paintings for OCtober this year! I'm sure I have plenty to cover 31 days lol. Hope you're ready for the art journey!

i don't wanna touch tumblr

i really don't wanna touch tumblr

but also i want to do an interactive blog again

and im not getting enough attention on this site for it

when u come up with a half-assed idea then realise it's actually good so hyperfocus and whack out the full complicated version in 10 minutes.mp4

thellere -

I keep forgetting the Tumblr shoplifting community thinks designer handbags and clothes are "essential to survival" and that's how they try and justify it

thellere -

If we were to develop a shoplifting community I would simply ban them because no you fucking don't

thellere -

Looking at posts in the database about the thing because it's the easiest way I've learnt that no less than 4 people blocked me tonight

Do... do they realise that also blocks the staff blog so they won't get site updates anymore

Bread n Pasta n Other Basics

so i went to the store today and there was no bread or pasta. But there was flour and sugar n base ingredients GALORE. Here's how ya'll use it.

Feel free to send what you've found in stores near you and how to use it.

*How to Make Bread

*No Knead Rosemary Garlic Bread

*How to Make Pasta

*Chicken Soup Basics (including stock)

*Bone Broth

*Beans n Stuff

*Egg Fried Rice

*Baked Potatoes (with the best super crispy skin ever)

*Sugar Cookies

*Ham and Potato Soup

*Pulled Pork

*Veggie Stock

*Ground Beef Bulgogi

*Beef and Cheese Enchilada

arthog -

I always wanted to doodle my outfits from each day! I felt super cute the day I wore this and even got nice compliments on it.

God bless Thell he's doing his best

autiestella asked:

hello thell! have been trying to change my email for awhile now, but seems it will not send verification at all - nothing in inbox, nothing in spam. trying to change from gmail to protonmail. after latest patch, i made one more attempt (plus 2 resends)... now it shows protonmail address in settings (did confuse me before, so i'm happy of change), but i'm stuck unverified. hoping it works, & will send update if so, but so far unsure - thankyou for any update or solution

thellere -

To be honest, I'm 99% sure ProtonMail just doesn't work with us - which is really annoying, since my main email is a PM one as well. I've been trying to find a way to contact them and ask what we need to do to be un-blacklisted but I havn't been able to find anywhere yet.

cloudedgalactica -

I'm actually really happy to see that ProtonMail has more people switching to it than I keep thinking-- Glad to see it get more attention, though!

I looked at their support tab and they have like 3 different emails from what I see?? That's really the only way of contact that I'm aware of.


This is ONLY with art posts on mobile??

An Anonymous user asked:

Would any issues that isn't about the site going down be good to tell you about? I've been curious about if anyone elseon waterfall has been having problems with changing their email,

thellere -

Yes, but the thing with whatever this email bug is is nobody actually gives me any more information that "email changing doesn't work". I ask for more, but said people disappear off the face of the earth when I do. I've known about it for a month, but have an incomplete picture of what's actually happening.

The most I can think of - because I have tried it on the live site and it does work for me - is that people ASSUME it isn't being updated because the change doesn't take effect until you've VERIFIED the new email, which we have to do as part of GDPR requirements (to make sure the data we hold on you is acccurate).

Anyone got a gas mask cause my closet smells like a stale, old, radioactive boot.